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On your Surface Pro 3, you may encounter the following issue:

  • Touch firmware in Device Manager reports Code 10 (Cannot start) or Code 14 (restart required).

  • USB devices intermittently fail to function when they're connected to a Surface Pro 3. This may occur when you first connect the USB device or when you wake the Surface Pro 3 from sleep or hibernation.

Note Touch functionality continues to work in this situation.


This problem occurs because of a timing issue in the Inter-Integrated Circuit bus that puts the Touch firmware into an invalid state. When the Touch firmware driver is in this state, Windows sometimes fails to correctly load device drivers for attached USB devices because of a time-out.


This issue is resolved by updated UEFI firmware version 3.11.760.0. To download and install this update, go to Windows Update and search for “System Firmware Update – 3/26/2015.”

If you still encounter an error after you install the updated firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Open Device Manager.

  2. Under Firmware, select the Touch firmware driver.

  3. Uninstall the driver. When you're prompted, choose to leave the existing driver in place.

  4. After this operation is completed, scan for hardware changes, and then reinstall the Touch firmware driver when you're prompted to do this.

  5. Restart the device.

More Information

For more information about Surface Pro 3 updates, see Surface Pro 3 update history.

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