Candara is a graceful sans serif typeface that is friendly and readable in text. The texture of a paragraph in Candara is lively but not intrusive, and easy to read onscreen or in print. At large sizes, in headlines or subheads, the subtleties of Candara’s design become apparent. Candara is a very useful typeface for email or web pages as well as for newsletters, booklets, and flyers.

There are almost no straight lines in Candara’s letters; instead, what appear to be long, straight strokes actually curve slightly inward in the middle, an effect that architects call “entasis.” In addition, diagonal strokes have a very slight double-S curve. At small sizes – or at a distance when looking at a classical building – these features make the lines look straight, but when you use Candara in a large headline, the subtle curves give it an unexpected elegance.

Candara’s italic is less architectural and more calligraphic in style than the upright letters, but they work very well together.

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