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This article describes how to add health information to a Microsoft HealthVault Record.

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Health information is the data that is stored in HealthVault. Health information is stored on the Health information page for each record and is categorized by information type. Information types are defined by HealthVault and the other programs that add and use the data. Specific items or data, such as a reading or a measurement, are listed individually under each information type.

Customers can add health information by using one of the following methods:

  • Manually, by using the View and modify access to a record.

  • From health and fitness devices through a HealthVault program, such as the HealthVault Connection Center.

  • From programs that are downloaded from Web sites.

  • From third parties, such as pharmacists.

  • By downloading a file.

You can also watch this short video for steps to complete this task:

How to "Manually Enter Health Information in Microsoft HealthVault"

Edit a Health Record

To manually add health information, you must have the View and modify or custodian access rights for the records that you want to change. To add information to your health record, use one of the following methods:

Method 1:

  1. On the Home page, under the About you quick link, click Add info:

    alternate text

  2. When you click Add Info a pop-up menu is displayed. Select the type of information that you want to add, and then click next. The items presented correspond to the headings on the Health Information page.

    alternate text

  3. Enter the new information, and then click Save. If you are adding multiple items in the same category, click Save and add another.

    alternate text

Method 2:

  1. On the navigation page, click the Health Information icon.

    alternate text

  2. Select the category of information that you are want to edit.

    alternate text

  3. Click the button provided to add the appropriate information. For example, in this screen you would click Add Medication.

    alternate text

For more information about how to add health information to a HealthVault record, see: How to Manually Add Health Information to a HealthVault Record

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