The users runs a desktop flow in unattended mode and the execution fails because it cannot find the right UI elements. Error screenshots will show that the screen resolution at run time is different from the one used when creating the desktop flow.   


Some Windows machines or VMs can default to a smaller screen resolution when running unattended desktop flows. If the automated applications is sensitive to the screen resolution or if you are using image based automation, this can lead to the desktop flow failing. 


Set the default resolution in the UIFlowService.exe.config file:

  • Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Power Automate Desktop"

  • Open UIFlowService.exe.config in a text editor

  • Set the Microsoft.Flow.RPA.UIFlowService.ScreenDefaultResolutionEnabled to true

  • Adjust the default screen resolution by setting the Width and Height properties:

        <!-- Screen resolution settings -->

        <add key="Microsoft.Flow.RPA.UIFlowService.ScreenDefaultResolutionEnabled" value="true" />

        <add key="Microsoft.Flow.RPA.UIFlowService.ScreenDefaultResolutionWidth" value="1920" />

        <add key="Microsoft.Flow.RPA.UIFlowService.ScreenDefaultResolutionHeight" value="1080" />

        <add key="Microsoft.Flow.RPA.UIFlowService.ScreenDefaultResolutionScale" value="100" />

  • Go to Start Menu > Services, find the "Power Automate service" (in older versions this is called the "UIFlowService", and the process name is UIFlowService.exe if you choose to use Task Manager). Restart this service by right clicking and hitting "Restart". Or if you prefer, you can simply reboot your machine.

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