When you look at an e-mail message in your Sent Items folder you may not see the Bcc field on the item even if you included e-mail addresses in the Bcc field when you originally sent the message.


This problem can occur when both of the following items are true:

  • You are using an Online mode profile (not cached mode)

  • You included a large number of e-mail addresses in the Bcc field when you sent the message

Note: the exact number of e-mail addresses to cause this problem varies according to the length of the addresses. However, one user reported this problem occurred when they included 500 e-mail addresses in the Bcc field.


To prevent this problem from occurring, please try either of the following solutions:

  • Use an Cached mode profile

  • Use a Distribution list instead of a large number of e-mail addresses.


More Information

If you are unable to change to a cached mode profile or you cannot use a distribution list, you can inspect the entries in the Bcc field for a particular item in the Sent Items folder by using the following steps:

NOTE: You do not have to resend the message to see the Bcc field contents using these steps. Just use these steps to visually inspect the Bcc field contents.

  1. Open the e-mail message in the Sent Items folder.

  2. On the Other Actions menu click  Resend This Message

  3. View the contents of the Bcc field

  4. Close the e-mail message without resending the message.

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