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Portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available. This article describes the features and enhancements that were included in this update, as well as the scope of the release. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference this KB article.

Upgrade to Portal Capabilities Version

This release includes an updated portal host and updated solution packages.  The portal host will automatically be updated by Microsoft, but action must be taken by your organization to upgrade the solution packages.  Until the solution packages are updated, some enhancements will not be available to portal administrators and/or users.  For instructions on how to upgrade the portal solution packages, please refer to this KB article.

New Features and Resolved Issues in Portal Capabilities Version

Important: This release includes changes to Entity Permission records as outlined in this KB article that may require action on your behalf to avoid permission errors.

Version introduces the new features listed in the What's New section of the official portals documentation.

Beyond the above changes, the update also resolves the following issues:

  • A "Failed to set referrer policy" error is thrown in the developer tools coonsole when navigating to a profile page on the portal.

  • An error is thrown when Bing Maps are enabled on a portal with a language that uses a comma instead of a period as a separator.

  • Audio CAPTCHA support is not working when enabled on a portal form.

  • Bulk editing Entity Form or Entity List records within the Dynamics 365 organization can cause all configurations to be overwritten.

  • CAPTCHA support is available for the local registration experience on a portal.

  • Deactivated webpages can be shown in the search results on a portal, and users who click them are redirected to the home page.

  • Deleting custom domain names from the Portal Admin Center doesn't work properly.

  • Entity List custom JavaScript doesn't render on a Web Page if using a Page Template of type "Web Template".

  • Entity List Metadata Filter of the type "Dynamic Lookup Set" is not being respected by Entity Permissions.

  • Facebook authentication on a portal is not working as expected.

  • Having large content records in a portal timeline can cause the control to fail during load.

  • If there are line breaks or other HTML elements in notes or activities shown on a portal timeline, they are not rendered and the text is shown in plain text.

  • In the "Select Portal Administrator" dropdown in the Portal Admin Center, only the name of the user is shown, causing confusion if multiple users with the same name are present.

  • Knowledge Base category detail pages are not displaying all of the categories present in the associated instance.

  • Localization is not working for the Bing Maps view on an Entity List.

  • OAuth2 base external auth providers will fail since the redirect URL will be automatically change to {lcid}/redirect page.

  • Support for the Bing Maps v8 Ajax control has been added.

  • The "Install Project Service Automation" action doesn't work properly when performed from the "Portal Actions" tab in the Portal Admin Center.

  • The "Show Save Changes Warning on Exit" checkbox under the Action Button Configuration on an Entity Form is not editable and not working properly.

  • The Bing Maps control won't plot any addresses after geolocation access is denied by the user.

  • The Default.perform.bundle.js file is not minified, which can cause performance issues under some conditions.

  • The UpdateInvitationCode workflow only executes if the user who owns the workflow performs the action.

  • Two "Create Related Record" options cannot be set in the Action Button Configuration area of an Entity Form.

  • Under some conditions, an admin is able to choose a domain name that is in use by another portal.

  • User is not able to add comments on a case record's timeline if the case is owned by a team.

  • Web Page Access Control Rules can redirect a user to the Access Denied page instead of the sign-in URL.

  • When a portal is configured to show an activity Entity List, changes made in individual activities are not reflected on the activity list.

  • When an admin deletes the bootstrap.min.css file using the front-side editor on the portal and later re-uploads it, the portal doesn't honor the change and no CSS is rendered on the home page.

  • When an admin makes change to a portal using the front-side editor, these changes can break CSS rendering under some conditions.

  • When an Entity List is added to the "Full Page" template in a portal, the Entity List doesn't render.

  • When an Entity List is setup to show the calendar view on a portal, it doesn't render correctly and throws exception under some conditions.

  • When changing the portal language in a multilingual portal, the date/time format doesn't get changed automatically.

  • When creating a new Case record from within the Portal, the form's Quick View does not display data.

  • When using an external ADFS authentication provider setup using SAML 2.0 on the portal, an error can be shown to the user during login under some conditions.

  • While closing an opportunity, a "CalculatePartnerDetailsWorkflow" business process flow error can occur.

  • While editing a Web Page's HTML using the front-side editor, the content added can be removed when switching from the source editor to the HTML view.

  • While redeeming an invitation code on the portal, the operation can time out under some conditions.

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