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Portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available. This article describes the enhancements that were included in this update, as well as how to obtain the updated solutions. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference KB #3181191.

Upgrade to portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This release includes an updated portal host and updated solution packages. If you are deploying a new portal after this update is available, the deployment will automatically include all of the enhancements within this update.

However, if you have deployed a portal prior to this update, you must upgrade the portal solutions within Dynamics CRM to take advantage of some or all of the included enhancements. For instructions on how to upgrade the portal solutions, please refer to this KB article.

New features introduced in portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Change the Dynamics CRM Online instance of a previously provisioned portal.  When a portal is initially provisioned through the "Manage" page in the CRM Online Administration Center's "Applications" tab, it is connected to a CRM instance of the user's choosing. With this release, tenant administrators now have the ability to change the CRM Online instance that the portal is associated with.

  • Change the audience and type of a previously provisioned portal. In addition to modifying the Dynamics CRM Online instance that a portal is associated with, tenant administrators can now modify the audience and portal type values on the "Manage" page in the CRM Online Administration Center's "Applications" tab.

Issues that are resolved in portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Version resolves the following issues:

  • Case Deflection Template used for Create Case is hard coded

  • Customer Portal: "Enable Comments" field is removed in the web page Information form in CRM as the "Comment Policy" field is the one that controls the comment behavior on the portal

  • Customer Portal: Email ID is not captured when CRM user uses SSO to log in

  • Customer Portal: Screen reader Browse button is read as Attach a file button in Create Case page

  • Entity Form and quick form name collisions

  • ESS Portal: Download Feature not working for cases

  • ESS Portal: If a contact is matched in CRM with the same Object ID, and its primary email address is empty

  • ESS Portal: The status bar is not updated when changing case type

  • Forum label on search results is not translated

  • Forum post count not properly updated when a post is deleted via CRM

  • Forum post count value is not read-only in CRM

  • Forum properties are not properly updated when post is deleted/created via CRM

  • Home page load time is high for all portals

  • Horizontal spacing and vertical spacing are getting overlapped on flash properties window in CKEditor

  • Invitation code does not wrap properly

  • Invitation codes are not accepted

  • invitation workflow creation is not in sync

  • Knowledge Article details inconsistent naming

  • Managing an external account on the profile page can trigger an error under some conditions

  • Mandatory Fields on all portals are not marked as mandatory

  • Organization name field label is missing on profile page

  • Page error when creating a new idea when all votes are used

  • Partner Portal: After Creating a new record, only the newly created record is being shown to the user

  • Partner Portal: Confirmation window is not shown while deactivating a customer contact

  • Partner Portal: Customer Contact with different account is appearing under partner contact lookup record

  • Partner Portal: Edit Customer Contact Page is displaying in edit mode after successful creation of a Customer Contact

  • Partner Portal: Partner seller can create partner contacts

  • Partner Portal: Partner Seller is getting option to deactivate and Edit a contact

  • Partner Portal: System Administrator is a partner contact

  • Partner Portal: Text is incorrect when declining and accepting opportunity

  • Partner Portal: User remains on opportunity form, even after accepting/declining the opportunity

  • Portal Management Page: Add SSL binding from SPA generates binding on only one node

  • Portal Management Page: Details page not loading for Basque language

  • Portal Management Page: Localized Warning message not rendering properly in German

  • Portal Management Page: No error is shown in SPA if the domain name is already taken

  • Portal Management Page: No proper message is shown when clicking accept while provisioning a portal

  • Portal Management Page: No Tooltip for Browse Button in Manage SSL CERT Page

  • Portal Management Page: Portal Administrators dropdown list appears blank when provisioning a portal

  • Portal Management Page: Portal audience is not translated on manage CRM instance page

  • Product Information not displaying completely for Admin user

  • Search functionality is not working for non-English orgs

  • Start Step is not mandatory field in Web Form

  • Starter Portal: Anonymous Users Web Role is not present

  • Unable to change the direction of the Portal comment to Outgoing after it is changed to Internal

  • Unable to create records in CRM without signing in

  • Unable to see Entity List Filter drop-down selected value or options in Firefox

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