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Microsoft is committed to privacy for everyone—kids, teenagers, parents and guardians, and families.

No matter your age, we want to be clear about the kind of data—or info—that we collect. We also want to make the choices you have about what you share with us clear.

How does Microsoft know how old I am? 

When you set up a Microsoft account, you told us your age and where you live. When you sign into Office using your Microsoft account email address, Office is able to use the info you gave us to change settings we talk about below, and to let you know what choices you have about what you share with Microsoft.  

Required data

Office collects required data from everyone. Required data means the least amount of info that we need for Office to be secure, stay updated, and work the way it’s supposed to. 

This means we collect some info about how Office runs on your device. We don’t collect your name, email address, what’s in your files, or any information about other apps you use that aren’t part of Office as part of required data.

Optional data

Optional data is info beyond what’s in required data. Optional data has a little more detail in it about how you use Office and what you might have been doing when you run into a bug or issue. No one has to share optional data, but when people do share it, it can help Office fix problems for everyone faster and make product improvements.

Even if you decide to not send Microsoft optional data, Office will work the same way for you as it does for everyone else. 

Office doesn’t collect any kind of optional data from people below certain ages. If you’re under 13 years old, or under some other age depending on laws where you live, you may see that you can’t send optional data or change this setting in Office. This is to help protect your privacy and help make sure we don’t collect any info from you beyond what’s necessary to keep Office secure, updated and working the way it’s supposed to. 


Feedback is info that you decide to share about how Office is working for you. We don’t collect feedback from people below certain ages because sometimes there’s info included in feedback that we don’t want to collect unless you’re older.

In the coming months, we may make changes to other features and add new functionality to help you manage your privacy. We’ll always let you know when we make changes in the interest of protecting your privacy.

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