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Do you want to create amazing artwork with just a few words? Try Microsoft Paint Cocreator, a new feature that lets you collaborate with a powerful AI model called DALL-E. DALL-E can generate diverse and realistic images from any text description you enter. Whether you want to draw a dragon, a unicorn, or anything else, Cocreator will help you unleash your creativity and make your own artworks with the help of AI.

Image of art generated by Paint Cocreator

Using Cocreator

To use Cocreator, open Microsoft Paint and select the Cocreator icon on the toolbar to see the Cocreator side panel. In the text box, enter a description of the image you want to create. For example, you can type "a blue cat with a red hat" or "a landscape with mountains and a lake". Be as descriptive as possible to generate results matching your expectations.  

Tip: If you don't have Microsoft Paint installed, you can get Paint from the Microsoft Store.

After you enter the text, choose a style in which you want to create your image and then select the Create button. Cocreator will generate three different variants of the image you requested, you can click on any of the variants to apply that image to Paint canvas and start creating.

Important: To use Cocreator, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account. Cocreator uses a cloud-based service that requires authentication and authorization. Signing in with your Microsoft account also allows you to access your credits, which are needed to generate images with DALL-E. 

Cocreator credits

Credits are the currency that you use to generate images with Cocreator. Each time you generate an image, you spend one credit. You can see how many credits you have left on the bottom right corner of the Cocreator pane.  

You will receive 50 credits to create images when you join Cocreator.

Content filtering

Microsoft is committed to responsible AI practices and ethical use of technology. When you use Cocreator, we apply content filtering to prevent the generation of images that may be harmful, offensive, or inappropriate. Content filtering is based on a set of criteria that reflect our values and standards, such as human dignity, diversity, and inclusion. Content filtering is not perfect and may not catch all cases of undesirable images. If you encounter an image that is inappropriate or unexpected, please report it using the Feedback button in the Cocreator panel.  

You are responsible for using Cocreator in a respectful and lawful manner. You should not use Cocreator to create or share images that may infringe on the rights or privacy of others, or that may violate any laws or regulations in your jurisdiction. You should respect the intellectual property and copyright of others, and not use Cocreator to create or share images that may infringe on their ownership or attribution. You should also be mindful of the potential impact and consequences of your images, and not use Cocreator to create or share images that may cause harm, distress, or confusion to others. 

Current limitations

  • Initially, there is a waitlist for using this feature. If you are interested, join the waitlist from the Cocreator side panel. You will receive an email when you get approved to use Cocreator. 

  • Cocreator is currently available only in the following regions – United States, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and Germany.

  • Only English language is supported at this time.


Microsoft respects your privacy and data security. Paint Cocreator uses an online Azure service to generate images based on your text input and style selection. The Azure DALL-E service creates the images and sends them back to you. The Microsoft online service does not store these images.

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