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You can rate and review any products you've purchased or rented in the Microsoft Store. Your contributions help others decide what to get next and help developers get feedback to improve their products. 


Ratings help you see a quick view of other users' experiences with a product. You can rate an app, game, movie, or TV show on a scale of one to five stars. When you rate a product, it affects the average rating that others see on the product page and search results.

The quantity of ratings shows the total number of ratings the product has received while available in the Microsoft Store. The average rating on the product's page and search results are based on the most recent ratings, which better represent the current product experience. 


Reviews let you share your experience and specific feedback about a product. Reviews are visible to everyone on the product page along with your name. If you edit your review, the updated review will appear on the product page.   

Ratings and reviews policies 

Microsoft Store includes user ratings and reviews of the content available on the platform. These ratings and reviews come directly from Microsoft Store users. We do not pay users for ratings and reviews, we do not allow other users to contact a particular user who provided ratings and reviews, and we prohibit publishers from paying users for ratings and reviews or otherwise attempting to manipulate them. Ratings and reviews are published and retained while the content remains available on the platform, and authors may modify their ratings or reviews at any time by clicking on the “Update” button next to their review. 

Reviews that contain spam, advertising, profanity, offensive or irrelevant content, external URLs, personal information, information indicating that the reviewer is a minor under 13 years of age, or reviews for products that are no longer up to date or available, violate our standards and may not be published or may be removed after publication. We use a variety of methods, such as automated tools, human evaluations, and third-party reports, to try to detect and remove ratings and reviews that violate our policies. However, some of the reviews on Microsoft Store may not meet our standards and may not reflect authentic user experiences. 

Report a concern in Stores Ratings and Reviews 

On Microsoft Stores, if you choose to, you can report a concern about the content in a review. Microsoft will evaluate the request and content will be removed if it violates Microsoft policies.  

To report a review: 

  1. Go to the product detail page where the review is visible.

  2. Tap on the flag icon that appears next to the review.

  3. From the Report this review to Microsoft window, under the Potential violation, section, Select a reason and tap Submit.

Note: Use of "report a concern" is subject to the Microsoft Service Agreement.  

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