Send feedback to Microsoft with Feedback Hub

Applies to: Windows 10

What is Feedback Hub? 

Feedback Hub lets you tell Microsoft about any problems you run in to while using Windows 10,  and it's a way to send suggestions to help us improve your Windows 10 experience.

Here's how you find it

If you have Windows 10, Feedback Hub is built right in. To find it, select the Start  button, then select Feedback Hub . If you have another version of Windows, you can get Feedback Hub at the Microsoft Store, or you can select the button below: 

Open Feedback Hub

Here's how you use it

Watch the video or follow the steps below it, and you'll be ready to share feedback with Microsoft. 

  1. On the home page, type your problem or suggestion in the search box.
  2. If you see feedback that matches the problem or suggestion you want to tell us about, then all you have to do is Upvote it.
  3. If you don't find any feedback that's a good match to yours, select Add new feedback.
  4. Then tell us what kind of feedback you have by selecting Problem or Suggestion.
  5. Type a title for your feedback in Summarize your feedback, so that others can find it.
  6. Next, type more info about your feedback in Give us more detail. For example, if it's a problem, tell us how you encountered the problem. 
  7. To make sure your feedback gets to the right team, select Show category suggestions and choose the category that fits your feedback.
  8. Select Submit, and your feedback is on its way. 

How to delete your feedback

If you want to delete any of your feedback from the Feedback Hub,

  1. Go to Report a Privacy Concern.
  2. Select I want to make a request regarding my personal data.
  3. Next, select I want to make a request regarding personal data Microsoft has about me related to my Microsoft account.
  4. Select Log in.
  5. Under What do you need from the Privacy Team today,  give us the details of the feedback you want to be deleted.

For immediate help, contact Microsoft support.