Get reminders from Cortana

Applies to: Cortana

Cortana makes sure nothing important slips through the cracks across your work and your life, giving you the confidence of knowing someone’s got your back. Cortana helps you remember by setting reminders for the right time and by helping you organize your lists in Microsoft To Do. 

Manage your reminders

Edit reminders: You can edit your reminders in the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC. 

Cancel a reminder: To cancel a reminder you’ve already created, go to the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC. You can delete it from there. To cancel a reminder while you’re creating it, just say “Cancel” at any time.

Set a recurring time reminder: To set a recurring reminder, tell Cortana exactly when you want to be reminded, and how often. For example, you can say “Hey Cortana, remind me every Tuesday at 6:30 PM to take out the trash.”

Get a notification for reminders that are due: You’ll get notifications for your reminders on any device that has Cortana. On the speaker, Cortana will let you know when there's a reminder for you and will ask if you’d like to hear it. If you do, just say “Yes.”