Choose a backup solution in Windows 10

Applies to: Windows 10

Protect your files and photos by making sure they're safely backed up. Use the following table to decide which backup solution is best for you.

Backup solution Things to consider
Cloud-based backup

Want to back up your content so it's safe and easy to access? We recommend using a cloud-based backup solution.

With cloud-based backups:

  • Your data is safely stored in the cloud
  • You can easily access your content across multiple devices
  • You don't need to purchase hardware
  • Recovering files is easy and instant

You'll need:

  • A cloud-based storage location
  • Internet access

Learn more about the built-in cloud-storage solution that comes with your device.

External hard drive or network drive backups

It may be best to use an external storage device or network drive backup in these cases:

  • When internet access isn't available
  • When you need to store large files or a large number of files. In these situations, the files generally take longer to upload, and it might cost more to store files.

You'll need:

  • An external hard drive or network drive

Learn how to use File History to back up your files.

Legacy backups We recommend you consider modern backup options like the ones listed above, as they're easier to manage and non-destructive.

If you've used Backup and Restore in Windows 7, consider moving your content to a cloud-based backup.


To learn more about recovery, see Recovery options in Windows 10.