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After you create and activate a workflow for SAP business tasks, you are ready to add a task list to a page on the workflow site. Then, each time a user opens the page, SharePoint Server displays the tasks assigned to that user.

Duet Enterprise automatically adds a task list to the site that users can access through a link on the task site or by navigating to it through the All Site Contents link. However, you also add a task list to any page on the site by using the Business Tasks Web Part that is included with Duet Enterprise. You can add this Web Part to any site that has an activated workflow and easily re-use it on any other site. When you add this Web Part to a page, Duet Enterprise makes the necessary connections for you to all workflow sources on the site. In addition, a site collection administrator can configure this web part to collect tasks from other sites.

Important:  All workflow tasks that aggregate in this Web Part must have claims-based authentication.

The Business Tasks Web Part finds all the SAP workflows that are active on the site, and retrieves the tasks assigned to the user, or to any group of which the user is a member. It aggregates all the tasks in a single list assigned to a user in a single list, formats the list in a convenient and easy to read form, and sorts the list by due date for you. In addition, it contains a link that you can click to display completed tasks.

The following illustration shows an example of a task list that uses the Business Tasks Web Part.

The Business Tasks Web Part aggregates all the tasks for a user.

Typically, you add the Business Task Web Part to the home page of the workflow that you created.

To add a Business Tasks Web Part:

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the task list.

  2. On the ribbon of the page where you want to add the task list, click the Page tab.

  3. On the ribbon, click the Edit button, and then, in the drop-down menu, click Edit to open the page in edit mode.

  4. Click the Insert tab, and then click Web Part to open the Web Part picker dialog.

    Edit tools on the ribbon contain an Insert Web Part button.

  5. In the Categories pane, select Duet Enterprise.

  6. In the Web Parts pane, select Business Tasks.

    The Web Part Picker enables you to navigate to the Business Tasks web part that you want to insert.

  7. In the About the Web Part pane, click Add. SharePoint adds the Web Part to the page, and immediately adds tasks to the list.

Note:  For additional customization options, open the page in SharePoint Designer 2010.

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