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When you sign in to Microsoft Lync 2010 on your mobile device, you see your Contacts list. Your Contacts list is a list of co-workers, family, and friends with whom you communicate most often.

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View Lync Contacts list

The Lync contacts on your mobile device Contacts list are the same contacts in your Microsoft Lync 2010 Contacts list on your computer.

  • To view your Lync Contacts list, tap Contacts.

View contacts by group

The same groups you have set up in your Microsoft Lync 2010 Contacts list on your computer also appear on your mobile device. To view contacts in your contact groups, do the following:

  1. Tap Contacts.

  2. Tap any group name to expand the group, and then find the contact you’re looking for.

View pinned contacts

When you pin a contact using Lync 2010 on your computer, you can also see those Pinned Contacts on your mobile device in a group named Pinned contacts. To view your pinned contacts, do the following:

  1. Tap Contacts. The first group listed is your Pinned Contacts.

  2. Tap Pinned contacts to expand the group and view the contacts in the group.

View federated contacts

If your administrator has made public IM connectivity (PIC) available on your network, you can communicate with IM users on instant messaging programs, such as the Windows Live network of Internet services (including MSN and Hotmail), AOL®, and Yahoo!®. Federated users (users who are outside your company but are connected to your company) can do activities such as share information, and make Lync calls.

  1. To view a federated contact, from the Contacts screen, press the Menu button, and then tap Search. Start typing a person’s email address in the search box. The results appear below the box.

  2. When you find the contact you’re looking for, tap the contact’s email address to view their contact information.

Note:  Some users have an email account with a service that is not federated with Lync. Although you can add these users to your Contacts list in the same way you add federated users, you will not see presence information.

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