In the Database Settings dialog box, you can set certain aspects of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) behavior. After you have linked Microsoft Office Visio shapes or drawings to databases created in ODBC-compliant applications, the settings control how the changes are passed between the database and the drawing.

The settings are global; that is, they apply to all the drawing-database links you establish in Visio.

ODBC settings

Number of update retries

Type the number of times you want to try updating a database or drawing if the first attempt fails.

Update retry interval (msecs)

Type the number of milliseconds between update attempts.

Time-out interval (secs)

Type the number of seconds after which the update attempts time out.

Default ODBC data source

Click the ODBC data source to which you want the Database Wizard or Link to Database command to link by default. When you are linking a shape to a database, you can specify a different data source.

Database monitor settings

Automatically refresh drawing page

Select this check box to refresh a monitored drawing to match a database at the interval you set in Refresh drawing interval.

Refresh drawing interval (secs.)

Type the number of seconds that you want to elapse before changes to a database are passed to a monitored drawing. If it takes longer than the time you enter to refresh a drawing, Visio adjusts the time accordingly.

Restore defaults

Click to reset all settings to their defaults, which are:

  • Number of update retries, 3

  • Update retry interval, 250 (msecs)

  • Time-out interval, 30 (secs)

  • Default ODBC data source, Visio database samples

  • Automatically refresh drawing page, cleared.

  • Refresh drawing interval, blank.

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