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Use the Fraction format to display or type numbers as actual fractions, rather than decimals.

  1. Select the cells that you want to format.

  2. On the Home tab, click the Dialog Box Launcher next to Number.

    Dialog Box Launcher in Number group

  3. In the Category list, click Fraction.

    Format Cells dialog box

  4. In the Type list, click the fraction format type that you want to use.

Fraction format

This format displays 123.456 as

Single-digit fraction

123 1/2, rounding to the nearest single-digit fraction value

Double-digit fraction

123 26/57, rounding to the nearest double-digit fraction value

Triple-digit fraction

123 57/125, rounding to the nearest triple-digit fraction value

Fraction as halves

123 1/2

Fraction as quarters

123 2/4

Fraction as eighths

123 4/8

Fraction as sixteenths

123 7/16

Fraction as tenths

123 5/10

Fraction as hundredths

123 46/100

The number in the active cell of the selection on the worksheet appears in the Sample box so that you can preview the number formatting options that you select.

Sample box selected in Format Cells dialog box

Tips for displaying fractions

  • After you apply a fraction format to a cell, decimal numbers as well as actual fractions that you type in that cell will be displayed as a fraction. For example, typing .5 or 1/2 results in 1/2 when the cell has been formatted with a fraction type of Up to one digit.

  • If no fraction format is applied to a cell, and you type a fraction such as 1/2, it will be formatted as a date. To display it as a fraction, apply a Fraction format, and then retype the fraction.

  • If you don't need to perform calculations on fractions, you can format a cell as text before you type a fraction into it by clicking Text in the Category list. This way, the fractions that you type will not be reduced or converted to decimals. However, you cannot perform mathematical calculations on fractions that are displayed as text.

  • To reset the number format, click General in the Category box (Format Cells dialog box) or in the Number Format box (Home tab, Number group). Cells that are formatted with the General format do not have a specific number format.

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