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Data Type    Currency

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The EAC (estimate at completion) field shows the expected total cost of a task based on performance up to the status date. EAC is also called forecast at completion (FAC).

How Calculated    In previous versions of Project, EAC was equivalent to the scheduled Cost field. However, now EAC is calculated as:

EAC = ACWP + (Baseline cost X - BCWP) / CPI

When a task is created, resources are assigned, and a baseline saved, EAC is the same as scheduled cost, which is the total work value multiplied by the resource cost rate. As actual work or actual cost is reported on the task, Project calculates EAC according to this formula.

Best Uses    Add the EAC field to a task view to display or filter for the expected total cost for the task, based on performance up to the status date.

Example    A task consists of 10 hours for two resources with rates of $20 per hour. At the start of the task, the cost is $200. As the resources report actual work, this figure is adjusted based on actual costs, budgeted or baseline costs, and the cost performance index. You add the EAC field to the Gantt Chart to see the expected total cost for this task.

Remarks    The EAC field is available by default on the Earned Value and Earned Value Cost Indicators tables. You can set one of these tables, with a task sheet displayed, in the More Tables dialog box.

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