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Intro to Microsoft Teams
Intro to Microsoft Teams

Get started with Apps

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Apps help you customize, simplify, and optimize how you work in Microsoft Teams to make collaboration more effective.

Explore Apps in Teams to find apps, tools, and more that help you and your colleagues stay focused and organized. 

There are three main areas where you can add an app in Teams:

  • Chat: to take action directly in a conversation.

  • Channel: to share content and keep your team informed.

  • Meeting: to drive real-time collaboration as you come together.

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Add an app in a chat

Make it convenient for people to take action in a chat and insert an app directly into your reply.

  1. Under the message box, select More options (...) to add an app.

  2. Search and choose what you want, such as an app to let people act on approvals or task assignments, and follow the steps to add it.

  3. Select Add a tab (+) to create quick access to an app.

Work with apps in a channel

Add project or work management apps to a channel to keep people on track and make them more accessible for your team.

Similar to a chat, you can:

  • Add an app as tab to the top of a channel to make it easily accessible for everyone.

  • Insert an app into a conversation to stay in the flow of it.

Build collaboration with apps in a meeting

Encourage real-time collaboration and ideas among meeting attendees with whiteboarding apps, survey ones, and more.

  1. Select the plus sign (+) to add an app to your meeting.

  2. Search for and choose an app, and then follow the steps to add it.

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