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Get started with Teams Walkie Talkie

Welcome to Walkie Talkie, the Teams app that turns your work telephone into a simple and secure instant voice communication device.

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Open Walkie Talkie

Pin the Walkie Talkie app for quick access

Connect to your channel

Walkie Talkie devices


You may already use a walkie talkie-like device at work—to coordinate with coworkers, ask for immediate assistance, contact security, and so on. Like traditional walkie talkies, you press and hold a button to speak on the Teams Walkie Talkie, and release the button to listen. 

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, the Teams Walkie Talkie is on your phone (no extra device to carry around!) and integrated with your Teams environment.

Main Walkie Talkie screen Android

Note: You need to disconnect to stop receiving transmissions. 

Open Walkie Talkie

  • In Teams, tap Walkie Talkie in the navigation bar.

    Walkie Talkie icon at bottom of Teams screen

If you don’t see the Walkie Talkie app when you open Teams, swipe up from the bottom of your screen or tap More options  More options button to access it.

Pin the Walkie Talkie app for quick access

If Walkie Talkie isn't already pinned to the navigation bar in Teams, here’s how to do it.

  1. In Teams, swipe up on the bottom navigation and tap Edit.

  2. In Edit navigation, drag Walkie Talkie from More Apps to the top section.

Note: The number of apps you can have in the navigation bar is limited, so you may need to remove other apps before you pin Walkie Talkie.

Connect to a channel

You can connect to only one channel at a time. To listen or speak on a different channel, switch channels.

  1. Tap the right-facing arrow next to Channel.

    Right-facing arrow next to 'Channel'

  2. Select a channel.

    Channel choices

  3. Tap Connect.

    Select Connect

Now you'll receive all communications on your selected channel.

Important: Make sure to turn up the sound so you don't miss any communications.

The number next to  Participants icon  indicates how many people are currently connected to the channel, including yourself.

Participants icon with number of participants

Tap  Participants icon  to see who is connected.

Walkie Talkie devices

The following specialized devices with a dedicated PTT button make it possible to speak and receive Walkie Talkie calls even when your phone is locked. 

Accessories/headsets for existing phones

To connect a headset, turn on Bluetooth and you will be prompted to allow the Bluetooth headset to connect.

Wireless headsets:

Wired headsets:

  • Klein (


    • For Android, Bluetooth permissions are now required. Location permissions are not needed. 

    • If "Nearby devices" permissions haven't been granted on Microsoft Teams a prompt will pop up asking for permission.

Rugged phone

Note: These devices are not Microsoft Teams certified. They have been validated to work with Teams Walkie Talkie.

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