While composing a new email, or replying to an existing email conversation, tap the Calendar button above the keyboard.

From the menu that appears, select Send Availability. In the Calendar view that appears, tap the time blocks where you would like to share your availability; you can select multiple times across multiple days. When you're done, tap the checkmark in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You'll see this new information included in the email you are drafting, and it'll be included when you send the email.

Android and iOS examples:

Shows an Android screen with an email draft. Three buttons are below the message:  Camera, Attachment, and Calendar.  Shows an iOS screen, with an email draft. Below the draft are three buttons: Calendar, Attachment, and Camera.

Shows an Android screen with the email draft grayed out, and the "Send availability" button below it.  Shows an iOS screen, with a grayed out email draft, and the "Send Availability" button below the draft.

Shows a calendar on an Android screen. Above the calendar, it says "Select Availability" and there's a checkmark button to the right of that.  An iOS screen shows a calendar, with "Send Availability" above it. On the right, there's a checkmark.

Shows an Android screen with a draft email that lists times that the sender is available.  Shows an email draft on an iOS screen. The email lists a date and time that the sender is available.

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