Microsoft has created three SharePoint site templates to help school leaders inform and engage their students, educators, and staff. These templates — including a School home page, a Staff home page, and a Class home page — will get you started with the power of SharePoint and can be used with the Microsoft Teams experience.  Plus, these look and work great on any device, so students and educators can use them on the go.

Examples of education templates on multiple devices

Each of these templates can be added to your school's intranet from the SharePoint look book. You can add and customize the templates for use on your own sites. The three templates are:

School home page: This is a SharePoint communication site designed to be your school's intranet home page. The School home page serves as the place where your students and educators can stay up to date on school events and news, access resources, and more.

Learn how to add and use the School home page template

Staff home page: This is a SharePoint team site designed to be the place where educators and administrative staff can find important information like links to tools and resources, highlighted documents, events, and more. Some examples are shared lesson plan templates, HR and professional development resources, policy updates, and calendars. The staff home page is intended to be used with Microsoft Teams so staff members get the combined functionality of a Teams site along with conversations, meetings, and other apps at their fingertips.

Learn how to add and use the Staff home page

Class home page: This a SharePoint team site designed to be the place where students find important class information like links to resources, highlighted documents, engaging content, and more. Examples are class policies, syllabus, readings, presentations, and goal charts. The class home page is intended to be used with Microsoft Teams so students get the combined functionality of a team site along with meetings, assignments, and other apps at their fingertips. 

Learn how to add and use the Class home page

About adding Staff and Class home page templates to existing sites

The Staff and Class home page templates are each designed to be applied to existing team sites that you specify. When you go through the process of adding one of these templates, you must provide an URL to an existing staff or class team site. While existing content like documents, lists, other pages, and news posts will not be affected, the template will override layout and content displayed on your existing site's home page. It will also add sample pages and documents.

You'll also provide an email name so you can be notified when the addition of the template to your site is completed. 

How do I find the URL of my existing team site?

The URL you need can be copied from the address bar when you're on the home page of your Staff or Class site.

If you're starting in Microsoft Teams, here's how to get to your site:

  1. Go to the General channel of your Class or Staff team, and select the ellipses on the upper right.

    Open in SharePoint menu item in Teams

  2. Select Open in SharePoint.

  3. At the top of the page, select the site logo.

    Site icon
    This will take you to the site's homepage where the URL in the address bar is the site URL you are looking for:

    Site URL

What if I don't have an existing team site?

If you don't have an existing team site, you can create one. Learn how to create a Staff team or a Class team.  Once your team site is created, you can find the URL in the address bar on the home page of that site.

About adding the School home page template

The School home page site is a communication site, and is not associated with a Teams channel. When you add the School home page template from the look book, you'll be creating a new site. 

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