The following export issues may occur when you want to make sure that the XML map allows exporting of XML data.

An XML mapping cannot be exported if the mapped element's relationship with other elements cannot be preserved. This relationship may not be preserved for the following reasons:

  • The schema definition of a mapped element is contained within a sequence for which the following are true:

    • The maxoccurs attribute is not equal to 1.

    • The sequence has more than one direct child element defined, or it has another compositor as a direct child.

  • Nonrepeating sibling elements with the same repeating parent element are mapped to different XML tables.

  • Multiple repeating elements are mapped to the same XML table, and the repetition is not defined by an ancestor element.

  • Child elements from different parents are mapped to the same XML table.

Additionally, the contents of an XML mapping cannot be exported if the contents contain one of the following XML schema constructs:

  • List of lists     One list of items contains a second list of items.

  • Denormalized data     An XML table contains an element that has been defined in the schema to occur once (the maxoccurs attribute is set to 1). When you add such an element to an XML table, the table column is filled with multiple instances of the element.

  • Choice     This is a mapped element that is part of a <choice> schema construct.

For more information, see Export XML data.

There can be several reasons for this message:

  • The XML map that is associated with this XML table contains one or more required elements that have not been mapped to the XML table.

    The hierarchical list of elements in the XML Source task pane indicates required elements by the red asterisk on the top-right corner of the icon to the left of each element. To map a required element, drag it to the worksheet location where you want it to appear.

  • The element is a recursive structure.

    A common example of a recursive structure is a hierarchy of employees and managers in which the same XML elements are nested several levels. Although you may have mapped all of the elements in the XML Source task pane, Excel does not support recursive structures more than one level deep and therefore cannot map all of the elements.

  • The XML table contains mixed content.

    Mixed content occurs when an element contains a child element and simple text outside of a child element. One common case is where formatting tags (such as the bold tags) are being used to mark up data within an element. Although the child element (if Excel supports it) can be displayed, the text content will be lost when the data is imported, is not available when the data is exported, and therefore cannot be round-tripped.

For more information, see Export XML data.

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