Learn about the optimized Live Event experience

The Live Event experience has been optimized so that attendees can view both the feed and video at the same time. This design provides more engagement and context for participation in Live Events.

Screenshot showing new side by side experience for live events in Yammer


  • Video and event are shown side-by-side for attendees.

  • Attendees can watch and engage simultaneously.

  • The event page is optimized for event viewing. The left and right side bars collapse to allow for prime viewing real estate.

  • The feed design is streamlined to allow for threaded conversations in the least amount of space!

  • Get straight to a quick list of steps to accomplish the task.

What's different about this experience? 

The main difference is the layout of the event page for attendees. By aligning the video next to the feed and optimizing the feed layout to simplify the experience, attendees can watch and engage in the event more easily. The video is larger and more immersive, while distracting elements like the left navigation are collapsed by default.

Highlights of the experience

Screenshot with callouts highlighting parts of new side by side experience for live events in Yammer

  1. The video fills a wide part of the screen for a theater-like experience.

  2. The description is hidden by default to not district but is easily expanded.

  3. The publisher for conversations is slimmer to provide more room for video.

  4. The conversation feed is optimized to support the Live Events experience.

Collapsed pinned post

For organizers pinning a message in the feed, the message will truncate by default after a certain number of characters to allow for more space! This was a huge area of feedback during our research and we’re excited to introduce it.

Screenshot showing a pinned post in Yammer


What will happen to past events?

They will all be there, however the event page will have the optimized event experience with the video side by side with the feed.

Will all employees see this new Optimized Event Experience?

This experience is available for attendees only; employees who are event organizers, producers, or presenters will see the existing live event page experience.

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