Learn how to navigate in the People app using accessible features

The People app in Microsoft 365 includes accessibility features that make it easier for people with disabilities to use the app. For example, people who are blind or have low vision can use screen readers to have information about the user interface (UI) read aloud to them.

Many accessibility features are built in to the device or computer. To find out more about these accessibility features, see Set up your device to work with accessibility in Microsoft 365.

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Get to know the People app layout

The People app helps you to manage your contact information. Like other Microsoft 365 apps, the People app is a web-based application that you use in a web browser. You open the People app by choosing its tile in the Microsoft 365 App Launcher. To move around through the elements of the app, use Tab and Shift+Tab.

  • The navigation pane

    When you open the People app, focus is on Featured people, a group in the left-hand navigation pane. Press Shift+Tab to go to the Search box to search for someone. Press Tab to browse through the groups in the pane, such as Your contacts, Directory, and Groups that you belong to, if any. When you select one of the items in the navigation list, the contents of the Main pane changes to reflect that selection.

    At the bottom of the navigation pane, you'll find buttons for Email and Calendar (Outlook on the web), the People app that you are using, and the Tasks app.

    Press Tab again, and focus moves to the banner at the top of the main People pane.

  • Main pane

    The contents of the Main pane changes according to the item selected in the navigation pane.

    The top bar of the main pane contains buttons for New (contact, contact list, or group), Manage (import and export). You might also find other options, such as Edit Favorites, which appears when you selected Featured people in the navigation pane, and allows you to add someone's name to your favorites.

Navigate with keyboard shortcuts in the People app

Because the People app operates with your web browser, the keyboard shortcuts that work in your browser also work in the People app. However, if your browser does not support keyboard shortcuts, you can use the Tab key to move forward and Shift+Tab to move back.

The following table describes the keyboards shortcuts you can use to navigate the UI for the People app—those which are included in most browsers, along with those which are specific to the People app.


  • When you use the People app, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your web browser. When you do, you have access to the keyboard shortcuts available in Internet Explorer.

  • The keyboard shortcuts in this table refer to the US keyboard layout. Keys on other keyboard layouts may not correspond exactly to the keys on a US keyboard.

  • If a shortcut requires pressing two or more keys at the same time, this table separates the keys with a plus sign (+).

To do this

Press this

Move forward to the next area, button, link, or option in a dialog box; or close a menu

For example, go from one navigational link or button to the next, and go to the next area of information when you view, add, or edit a contact. Or, for example, close the Groups menu. In the Links dialog box, move to the next option.

The Tab key

Move back to the previous area, button, or link


Do any of the following:

  • Move from one contact to the next in a contact list, or move to the previous contact

  • When one contact is already selected, select more contacts

  • Move between and select options in a menu

The arrow keys

Select or clear the check box for a contact in a contact list or an option in a dialog box


Clear all selections on a page and refresh that page in the web browser


Activate a button or link or open a menu

For example, when you add or edit contact information, to save the information, tab to the Save button to select it and then press Enter. Or, when you add a contact to group, in the Groups menu, tab to the Apply button to select it, and then press Enter.


Add a new contact


Edit a selected contact


Save changes to contact information

Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Enter

When a contact is selected, open the Groups menu

Tip: To move between and select options in the menu, use the arrow keys.


When a contact is selected, open the Links dialog box

Tip: To move between and select options in the dialog box, press the Tab key.


When a contact is selected, open the Delete dialog box

Tip: To delete the selected contact, press the Tab key to move to the Delete button, and then press Enter.


Close a dialog box


Move to the Search box


Technical support for customers with disabilities

Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. If you have a disability or questions related to accessibility, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance. The Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. Please go to the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk site to find out the contact details for your region.

If you are a government, commercial, or enterprise user, please contact the enterprise Disability Answer Desk.

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