Get easy access to the info you need to manage your kids’ health—from growth and medication trackers to immunization records and medical history forms. Then, share that info with schools, babysitters, and other caretakers so you have peace of mind knowing they have what they need to help keep your kids healthy.​

Keepsake charts for health milestones

Time flies with growing kids! Remember their milestones with photo albums, personalized growth charts, and baby tooth charts.

Growth chart for infants

Watch how they grow! Track your kids' growth over time in an evergreen alternative to pencil marks on the wall. 

Get an infant growth chart

A young child next to a growth chart

Baby's first year photo album

A baby's first year can speed by! Slow down time and capture your favorite memories from the first year.

Use the baby photo album collection

A family celebrating a baby's first birthday

Protect your favorite memories

Back up precious photos and files to the cloud with OneDrive, then access them from any device or share them with friends and family.

Learn how to upload to OneDrive

A mom taking a cell phone picture of her baby

Important health info at a glance

Keep your kids' most important health info accessible, from medical history forms to printable emergency contact forms, so you have it when you need it.

Medical history form

Keep track of your health records with this template, which shows recent doctor visits, known conditions and allergies, and medications.

Download a personal health record

A baby getting a doctor checkup

Emergency contact list

Leave this emergency contact list with caretakers so they know who to call if something goes wrong.

Create an emergency contact list

Photo of two kids hugging their grandparent

Student identification card

Complete this at-a-glance identification card for your kid and then print it so their allergies and emergency info are quickly accessible.

Fill out a student identification card

Two young boys laughing

Help kids stay healthy

Encourage healthy habits and track your kids' health in ways that matter to you and your family. You can customize templates by age, ability, diet, and more.

Fitness tracker

Track your kids' daily activity and fitness levels. As a family, pick a healthy activity or two, and then set goals and decide on possible rewards for achievement.

Track your kids' fitness

A father and daughter doing yoga

Blood sugar tracker

Track your child's glucose over time. When you input their numbers, along with the day and time, we'll help show when something's outside of their norm.

Get the blood sugar tracker

Photo of kids eating sweets and healthy snacks

Medication log

Keep track of your family's medications with this comprehensive log that tracks dosage, time of day, physician, pharmacy, and other details.

Log your kids' medication

A mother looking at her phone with her young daughter

Life with kids can get busy—stay on top of your schedule with an organized calendar. Set checkup and vaccination reminders, contact caretakers, and schedule doctor's appointments, all with Microsoft Outlook

Store all your kids' documents in OneDrive—from medical history forms to immunization records—so they're ready when you need them.

There's nothing better than knowing your kids are in good care while you're away. Stay connected with care providers in Microsoft Teams.

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