You purchased a PC pre-installed with one of the following languages that you selected as your Windows user interface language. When you start your Office apps, they're in English instead of the language you chose for Windows. To fix this problem, do the steps in the following procedure to replace English.

Windows Language

Office Language

Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR)

Chinese (Traditional)

Serbian (Latin, Serbia and Montenegro (Former))

Serbian (Latin, Serbia)

Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia and Montenegro (Former))

Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)

Replace English with your language choice

  1. Close all Office applications.

  2. Click or tap the Windows Start button (lower left corner of screen).

  3. From the list , choose All apps >Microsoft Office 2016 Tools > Office 2016 Language Preferences.

  4. The Microsoft Office 2016 Language Preferences dialog box opens.

    Office 2016 set language preference

  5. Find your preferred language in the Display Language list, select it, and then click or tap Set as Default.

    Do the same in the Help Language panel. For the Windows languages listed at the beginning of this article, choose the applicable Office language.

  6. Click OK to apply your settings, and then close the dialog box.

  7. Restart your Office applications. You should now see them in the correct Office language.

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