If you encounter an error in OneNote 2016 when attempting to share a notebook from OneDrive, follow the steps in this article to resolve the issue.

Note: This article applies to OneNote 2016 for Windows installations that were part of a Microsoft Office 2016 MSI installer package. 


When attempting to share a OneNote notebook by using File > Share in OneNote 2016 for Windows, you may encounter the following error message:

“To share this notebook, you’ll need to put it on OneDrive or SharePoint.”

This error may cause confusion when it occurs after you attempt to share a notebook that is already stored on your OneDrive account or on SharePoint.


Typically, new notebooks in OneNote 2016 for Windows are created by selecting File > New. On the New Notebook screen, several options are displayed, including OneDrive, This PC, and Browse.

  • If you selected the OneDrive option to create a new notebook before attempting to share it with others, the error message will not appear.

  • However, if you selected the Browse option and then navigate to a location on your OneDrive account, the error message will appear.


There are two resolutions, depending on whether or not the notebook has already been created.

If the notebook has not yet been created

Do the following:

  • In OneNote 2016 for Windows, create the new notebook by clicking File > New > OneDrive.

    When the notebook has been created on OneDrive, you can share it by clicking File > Share.

If the notebook has already been created

Do the following:

  1. If necessary, open the notebook in OneNote 2016 for Windows.

  2. Click File > Share.

    The error “To share this notebook, you’ll need to put it on OneDrive or SharePoint” will appear.

  3. Click OneDrive, and then click Browse.

  4. Create a new folder, or browse to any location on your OneDrive account that isn’t the same as the current location of your notebook.

  5. Click Move.

    As soon as the notebook’s location has been changed, you’ll be able to share it with others.

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