Data Type    Text

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Resource GUID field contains the generated unique identification code for each resource in your project. No two resources will have the same Resource GUID.

How Calculated    As soon as you create a new resource, Project automatically generates a unique identification code for the resource and stores it in the Resource GUID field.

Best Uses    Insert the Resource GUID column into a resource sheet when you need to see the unique identifier for each resource. This is particularly useful to help with programming and debugging custom applications in Project.

Example    You are creating a macro that references specific resources in your project. To obtain unique identifiers for these particular resources, you insert the Resource GUID column into the Resource Sheet.

Remarks    The Resource GUID is different from the Unique ID field for resources. The Unique ID is a sequential number that reflects the order in which resources were added to the project. By contrast, the Resource GUID is a unique alphanumeric string that represents each resource for programming purposes.

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