Send code snippets in a message in Teams

To send a code snippet in a chat or channel message:

  1. Select Format Expand button below the message box.

  2. In the upper-right corner, select More options More options button .

  3. Choose Code snippet Code snippet button to open a dialog box.

    Send snippet

  4. In the dialog box, enter the code along with a title for the snippet. Select the check box if you want your text to wrap, and then select the pull-down menu to choose the language that you want to use.

  5. Select Cancel or Insert to add the snippet to your message.

    Snippet dialog box

Syntax highlighting and auto-indentation help you to write your code the way you want. When you send your snippet, it’s included in the message as a card, and the recipient can view it inline with the syntax highlighting intact.

To edit your code snippet after you’ve sent it, select More options More options button > Edit on your message, then Edit Edit button again on the snippet card.

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