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To help protect against abuse by spammers, limits the number of email messages that you can send in a single day, as well as the number of recipients for a single message.

If you recently created a new account, a low sending quota is a temporary restriction which is upgraded to the maximum limit as soon as you establish credibility in the system. 

What are the email limits?

Limits for non-subscribers vary on usage history. The limits for Microsoft 365 subscribers are:

  • Daily recipients: 5,000

  • Maximum recipients per message: 500

  • Daily non-relationship recipients: 1,000


    • A “non-relationship recipient” is someone you've never sent email to before.

    • The sending limits of any third party connected accounts depend upon the service provider.

What's the file attachment size limit in

The attachment size limit for files is 34 MB. 

You can also share a file from OneDrive. This way, your recipients can receive larger files and collaborate on it in real time. The attachment size limit for OneDrive files is 2GB.

Read more about how to Attach files in

How can I increase sending and storage limits?

As well as taking a Microsoft 365 subscription, try these tips:

  • Make sure that all your information (like phone number and alternate email address) is updated on your account.

  • Make sure that you have updated your account's profile information (like Profile Name, Photo, Date of Birth, Gender, etc).

  • Make sure the password which you have created is a combination of upper case/lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

  • Make sure that the people you send emails to are added to your Contacts on

  • Communicate frequently with your Contacts.

  • Use the Microsoft Authenticator app. The Microsoft Authenticator lets you quickly and securely verify your identity online, for all of your accounts.

  • Visit and we'll send you a verification code in a text message. This action helps us eliminate spam.

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