With SharePoint Syntex, you can quickly organize and classify documents in your SharePoint library, powered by AI and machine learning. Create stronger business processes by working more efficiently with your content and the data within it. For more information, check out the SharePoint Syntex documentation.

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Learn more about how to use SharePoint Syntex to automatically manage and process your organization's business documents.

Introduction to SharePoint Syntex

Get SharePoint Syntex training

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Find out how SharePoint Syntex uses content understanding models for processing and compliance.

Form processing overview

Document understanding overview 

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Set up a plan to use SharePoint Syntex, and check out example scenarios to spark ideas for your organization. ​​​​​​

Adopt SharePoint Syntex

Examples, scenarios, and use cases

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Set up

For admins, learn more about how to set up SharePoint Syntex for your organization. ​​​​​

Set up SharePoint Syntex

Licensing for SharePoint Syntex


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