Use stories in your IMs

New in Lync 2013 is the ability to send an instant message as a “story”. Stories are long IMs. You can add titles to them, and they can be collapsed or expanded from within the conversation display area, which means you can send a long message and it does not have to consume the entire Lync display. You can send stories in Lync chat rooms (if your organization uses chat) and in regular IM sessions.

You can send a story in either of two ways:

  • Right-click inside the IM input area and click Post as a Long Message.

Screenshot of dropdown list with post as a long message highlighted

You’ll then get a prompt to optionally add a story title, as shown here:

Screenshot of IM heading area to enter story title


  • Simply type your message. If and when you reach the character limit for a standard IM, Lync will convert the IM to story-mode and prompt you to add a title.

A story will always be received in its collapsed form. Just click Read more to expand it.

Screenshot of collapsed story IM with Read more prompt highlighted

To collapse it, click Read less.

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