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Explore apps and tools
Explore apps and tools

Use the command box

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Wherever you go in Microsoft Teams, the command box is always there at the top of the screen to help you search, take quick actions, or launch apps.

Use the command box to search

  1. Type what you're looking for in the command box, like a message, person, channel, or file.

  2. Select one of the suggestions from the list.

    Or press Enter to see more results.

Use slash commands to perform tasks

  1. In the command box, type a / to see a list of commands and descriptions.

  2. Choose a command from the list or type it.

    For example, to call someone, type /call, press Tab, and select or type the name of the person you want to call.

    Check out Available commands to see a list of commands or just type / to see the menu in the command box.

Use the @ command

  • Type @[someone's name], press Tab, and then type a message to message someone without moving away from what you're working on.

  • Type @[app name] to launch an app directly from the command box.

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