After a list is created by a team member on the desktop, the list can be viewed and edited on both the desktop and mobile devices.

There are two main ways to view your Teams lists: in a standard list format and as a gallery. Both views provide plenty of flexibility, and can be extensively customized to work for your team. In addition, many common tasks are available from both views. 

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Switch the view

The List view

Reorder or filter the list items

The Gallery view

Switch the view

  • At the top right of the list, select the down arrow and select the view you want.

    menu with Gallery view

The List view

This is the familiar list format. Each column represents a piece of information to track for the list items. Each row represents an item in the list. In the following example, each item refers to a patient.

Section of list view  

Reorder or filter the list items

Many viewing options are available by selecting the down arrow next to a column header. The options vary based on the type of information in the column. 

Here is an example from a list of loan applications at a bank, followed by descriptions of the options.

Loan Amount column drop-down



Order the list based on the loan amount

Smaller to larger or Larger to smaller

Filter by an entry in this column—for example, only show loan applications for $500,000

Filter by and then select the entries to view

Arrange the list so that the loan applications appear under each loan amount

Group by Loan Amount

Make a variety of changes to the column properties, format, placement, and so on

Column settings

View statistics about the column amounts, such as the average or the sum


For additional filtering options, select  Filter icon  at the top right of the list.

The Gallery view

This format highlights the images in entries, presenting each item in a card.

Gallery view

Like the list view, you can filter the gallery view by selecting Filter icon. For details on using the filters pane, see What is the list and library filters pane?

To view a list

  1. Go to the channel where the list is located and tap More.

  2. Tap the list name.

Reorder or filter the list items

Use any of the list columns to change the view.

  1. Tap the down arrow next to a column header.
    You will see several options, depending on the type of information in the column. 

    ​​Here is an example from a hospital's list of patients. This column displays patient admission dates.

    Sort options on mobile

  2. Tap the display option that meets your needs:
    • To order the list based on patient admission dates, tap Older to newer or Newer to older.
    • To filter by admission date—for example, to view only patients who were admitted on 5/25/2020—tap Filter by and then select the date.

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