Create, read, and comment on Visio documents on a touch-enabled device using just your fingers.

Add shapes from the Shapes window

  • Drag a shape from the Shapes window onto the drawing page.

  • Tap a shape in the Shapes window. Visio adds an instance of the shape to the center of the page.

  • Touch and hold a shape in the Shapes window, and while you hold the shape, tap the drawing page with a different finger. Each time you touch the drawing page, an instance of the shape you’re touching is added to the page.

Select shapes on the page

First tap on a shape

Tap a shape to select the shape and show the auto-connect arrows, if the shape or diagram uses them.

Second tap on the shape

Tap a shape that is already selected to bring up the floating toolbar.

Third tap on the shape

Tap a selected shape that is showing the floating toolbar to go into text edit mode.

Select multiple shapes

Touch and hold the first shape you want to select, and while you hold the first shape, use a different finger to tap the other shapes you want to select.

After you release the first shape, tap any of the selected shapes to bring up the floating toolbar for the entire selection.

Use the context menu (right-click menu)

Bring up the floating toolbar and click the down-arrow on the end to open the context (right-click) menu.

Connect shapes using Auto-connect

Tap an object to select it and show the auto-connect arrows, if the object and diagram use auto-connect. As long as the object is selected, you can touch the Shapes window and the ribbon without hiding the auto-connect arrows.

Touch, hold, and release an auto-connect arrow to bring up the auto-connect mini toolbar.

Move around the drawing

Touch the drawing page with one finger and drag to move the page around.

Pinch by dragging two fingers toward each other to zoom out from the drawing (make the drawing look smaller), and separate the two fingers to zoom in.

Select sub-shapes of a grouped shape

Selecting sub-shapes in a grouped shape works like it does with a mouse and keyboard: tap a grouped shape to select the whole group, and then tap a sub-shape to change the selection to the sub-shape (unless the shape is protected or otherwise can’t be selected).

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