Which languages is Yammer available in?

It’s critical that our customers can leverage Yammer in many languages for leadership engagement, company-wide communication, and communities. Yammer is available in many languages across different platforms. 

Supported languages

The following 26 languages are available for your Yammer web, desktop, and mobile (iOS/Android) experiences:

  • Czech - cs-CZ

  • Danish - da-DK

  • German - de-DE

  • Greek - el-GR

  • English - en-US

  • Spanish - es-ES

  • Finish - fi-FI

  • French - fr-FR

  • Hungarian - hu-HU

  • Indonesian - id-ID

  • Italian - it-IT

  • Japanese - ja-JP

  • Korean - ko-KR

  • Norwegian (Bokmål) - nb-NO

  • Dutch - nl-NL

  • Polish - pl-PL

  • Portuguese (Brazil) - pt-BR

  • Portuguese (Portugal) - pt-PT

  • Romanian - ro-RO

  • Russian - ru-RU

  • Swedish - sv-SE

  • Thai - th-TH

  • Turkish - tr-TR

  • Ukrainian - uk-UA

  • Chinese (Simplified) - zh-CN

  • Chinese (Traditional) - zh-TW

Yammer web and desktop also supports: 

  • Catalan – ca-ES

How to set your language on the web

When your Yammer account is created, Yammer uses the language specified in your user account settings but you can change those settings.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In New Yammer, click the Settings button in the header, and then click Edit Settings.

      Yammer settings

    • In Classic Yammer, click the Settings button Yammer Classic Settings icon in the left navigation, and click Edit Settings.

  2. Click Preferences, and then select your preferred language, and then click Edit Settings.

    Yammer language settings

How mobile language is determined

On mobile, Yammer uses the device’s current language setting.

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