Data Type     Enumerated

Entry Type     Entered

Description     The Work Contour field provides choices for the contour shape for an assignment. The work contour determines how work for an assignment is to be distributed across the duration of the assignment.

Best Uses     Add the Work Contour field to the sheet portion of the Task Usage or Resource Usage view when you want to display, filter, or change the contour shape. You can change the contour of an assignment to control when the work should be scheduled.

Example     You've assigned Jamie to the "Coordinate trade show" task. Because of the nature of the task, less work is to be done earlier, and more work is to be done later. To have the schedule reflect this, you add the Work Contour field to the Task Usage view. For Jamie, you select the Back Loaded contour.

Remarks     The assignment's duration is divided into 10 segments. Each segment is a percentage of the assigned resource's work on the task in a day, assuming a 100 percent assignment unit on the task. The contour is stretched or condensed in accordance with the assignment's duration.

If you edit the work contour, the setting automatically changes to Contoured.

You can also change the work contour in the Assignment Information dialog box.

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