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May edition: Copilot for Microsoft 365 updates

Take a new look at how Microsoft Copilot can help increase your productivity and enhance the quality of your work. For May, we're highlighting how Copilot's AI lets you revisit previous chats, how local files are now accessible when writing prompts, how a conversation with Excel can get you past a blocking point, how you can create helpful summaries when you share Word docs, and how you can get transcripts for videos stored on Stream. 

If you want to see what you missed in past months, check out the updates history.

Take the power of AI on the go! Download the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and sign in with your work account today. 

Popular prompts

Save time

“What should be on my radar from emails last week?” 

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“Organize this presentation into sections.” 

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Improve your Microsoft Copilot skills


Write faster with Copilot 


Kickstart a presentation 

Try this with Copilot for Microsoft 365

Revisit past queries using chat history in Microsoft Copilot


Have you ever wished you could access or continue a previous chat? Using chat history in Copilot, you can do just that. While keeping your commercial data safe, Copilot stores your chats for a rolling 30-day period, although you can delete them anytime. Just select the icon in the top right of the Copilot page and select "Copilot chats" to see the list.

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Use files saved on your desktop in your prompts in Microsoft Copilot


We've expanded the scope of data that Copilot can access. When you use / in a prompt to insert a file, Copilot now brings up files on your device in addition to files saved on SharePoint and OneDrive. 

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Chat with Copilot for Excel to unblock Excel tasks


Are you blocked by a task in Microsoft Excel that can't be completed using specific Excel skills, such as Analyze Data, Formula Column Generation, Highlight, Sort, and Filter? Ask Copilot for Excel and get a conversational answer you can use to complete your task. 

Ask Copilot any of the following:  

  • "Simplify this formula [formula]"

  • "What formula should I use for [task]"

  • "How do I change labels on a bar graph"

  • "How do I create a drop-down list"

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Reduce cognitive overload by using Copilot-generated file summaries for shared Word documents 


When you share a document from Word for the web, you can ask Copilot to insert a file summary that makes it easier for your recipients to quickly understand its contents. Just select Insert file summary with Copilot when you share, and Word will include the summary in the share notification.  

Try in Word for the web

Quickly summarize and do a deep dive on videos in Stream


Copilot in Microsoft Stream can help you quickly and effectively summarize any video with a transcript or ask deep dive questions about topics you need to understand in videos on Stream.  

Ask Copilot, "Recap the meeting," "List action items," or "Show me the parts where [subject] is discussed." 

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Improvements based on your feedback

Copilot is now available directly in Microsoft Outlook  


Instead of having to go to your browser or Microsoft Teams to ask Outlook-related prompts, you can now directly access Copilot in Microsoft Outlook from the navigation bar, so you can write prompts to search your mail without having to leave Outlook. 

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Teams will now notify meeting participants when Copilot without transcription is on 


In Microsoft Teams meetings where it's possible for participants to activate Copilot, a banner will appear notifying participants that AI is being used in the meeting. 

Helpful resources

You can keep learning on our Copilot website, where you'll find videos, how-tos, tips, and links to try it out, and discover how to communicate effectively with Copilot using prompts.

Join our public community for Copilot in Microsoft 365 to get your questions answered.


Some features highlighted here may not be available for the Microsoft 365 suite you're using. 

Some Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites in the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not include Microsoft Teams. Learn more on our licensing page


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