Create equations in OneNote using Equation Tools

Create math equations on a OneNote page using Equation Tools in OneNote for Windows 10. Choose from a library of mathematical symbols and structures to build different types of equations.

Note: Can't find the Equation button? Be sure you are using OneNote for Windows 10 or follow these instructions to create an equation in OneNote 2016.

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  1. To get started, select the Insert tab, then select Equation.

    Select the Insert tab, then select Equation.

  2. Select the Symbols tab or the Structures tab, then a category. From there, select symbols or structures to insert into your math equation. 

    For example: To insert a basic math symbol, select Symbols, then select the Basic Math +- category. From there, select a symbol to insert.

    Select Symbols, then select a category to browse available math symbols.

    To insert a fraction structure, select Structures, then select the Fractions category. From there, select a structure to insert.

    Select Structures and then select a category to browse available math structures.

    OneNote automatically saves recently selected symbols and structures. From the Recent tab, you can view and select symbols and structures you've recently used.

    OneNote saves the symbols and structures you've selected recently. Select Recent to view and use them.

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