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Experience the power of Get started with Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat (formerly named Microsoft 365 Chat). See how much time you can save and how much more you can get done. Use Microsoft Copilot to catch up, create content, and ask questions. This article provides several example prompts you can try.

Tip: When you’re giving Copilot instructions, you can direct it to specific work content by using the forward slash key (“/”), then typing the name of a file, person, or meeting. 
If you write a prompt and don’t reference a specific file, person, or meeting, Copilot will determine the best source of data for its response, including all your work content.

Catch up

Synthesize large amounts of data into simple, consumable responses and catch up on things quickly. Here are some examples:

  • You've been on vacation now you're back. You need to find out what's going on with Project X.

    Find the latest about Project X. What's the current timeline? When are deliverables due?

  • You've just joined a new team and you're trying to ramp up on recent activities.

    Summarize team communications over the last 30 days. What are the team's priorities? 

  • There's been a recent change in how your team is tracking work.

    Find information about the new way our team is tracking work. Include email communications and points of contact for questions.

Create content

Brainstorm ideas and draft new content based on information at work. Here are some examples:

  • You want to draft a one-page description of a new project (let's call it Project Foo) that's just about to kick off at work.

    Using information in file1, file2, and file3, write a one-page description of Project Foo. Write it so non-technical people can understand what the project is about and when it's scheduled to be completed.

  • You're preparing an email to invite customers to attend an upcoming conference and visit your company's booth.

    Using information in Document Z, write a fun, catchy email inviting our customers to come see us at our booth during next month's conference.

  • You want to plan a morale event for your team.

    List 3-5 ideas for group activities in the Seattle area that would be suitable for my team. Include approximate cost and time estimates. 

Ask questions

Find information and get answers quickly, even if you can't remember where the information you need is or how it was shared. Here are some examples:

  • You need to know what's left in the budget for supplies.

    How much did we spend on supplies for Project Foo? How much budget do we have left for Project Foo?

  • Your team received customer feedback. You want to identify the top things your team should address.

    Review the feedback we received from customers via email last week. What are the top three issues we should address?

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