SimHei (黑体 in Chinese) is a typeface designed for typesetting the Chinese language using the Simplified Chinese script. It is in the “gothic” style (sans serif), with a square, upright look and with no contrast between thick and thin strokes. The strokes have very slightly flared ends, but the strokes are generally even in width. SimHei is a popular gothic companion to the Ming (serif) style SimSun. It is designed to be readable onscreen.

SimHei was designed by Zhongyi Electronic Co. It has only one weight, with no italic style. In addition to Simplified Chinese characters, SimHei includes Japanese hiragana and katakana, bopomofo, numerous symbols, and capitals and lowercase letters for the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets. The Latin letters are monospaced (that is, each letter has the same width).

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