Journal can't access your default document locations

Journal requires access to a save location inside your Documents library. If it cannot access such a location, you will see an error message like this:

A screen capture of the error message people see when Journal cannot access the default save location

 Normally, the Documents library includes your Documents folder, and may include additional file system locations where your documents can be found. However, if your Documents library is empty for any reason, Journal won't be able to determine a default save location. If this occurs, you will see a warning that says "We're sorry, but Journal could not access any of your default document locations."

To fix this, you should add a folder into your Documents library or restore the Documents library to its default settings. For more information, see Windows libraries and Windows 10: How to Reset Libraries (Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos)

Journal fails to let me sign in

Occasionally, Journal will fail to allow users to sign in. After pressing the sign in button in Settings, a window appears to inform you that Journal is signing in. However, after a few seconds it disappears and nothing happens. 

If retrying signing does not solve the issue, then the solution is to restart your computer.

Ink not being recognized as stars, lists, headings, etc.

Ink may stop being recognized if the system is under heavy resource usage. Restarting the app can usually help.

Copy as Text not recognizing my words properly

The page must be configured for the language you are using. Please see Language Settings to learn more.

Ink written in languages other than a supported language may not be detected correctly.

Sign in requires a Work or School account. 

Journal currently only supports signing in with a Work or School account to access your Calendar and list of People from your Microsoft 365 Graph. If you try to sign in with a Personal account, such as a or account you won't be able to sign into Journal.

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