Update 3.0 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Service for Partners is available. This article describes the new and changed functionality, resolved issues (hotfixes), and known issues in this update of the Dynamics NAV Management Portal.

New and Changed Functionality

The update includes the following new or changed functionality and features:

  • Dynamics NAV license file must be uploaded on the Application page.
    Previously, to install the license for application versions, you could either include the license in the application database BACPAC file or upload the license on the Application page in the portal. Now, you must upload the license on the Application page; otherwise, you cannot use the application version on an application service.

  • Option to not send a welcome email message to draft users when provisioning an application tenant.
    When you provision an application tenant, a message appears that lets you choose whether to send a welcome email message to all draft tenant users who will be provisioned on the tenant. Previously, you did not have a choice and users were always sent an email message.

  • Autogenerate and send new passwords to provisioned tenant users.
    The Set Password action (now called Set/Send Password) on an application tenant page lets you generate a random new password for a provisioned user. As before, you can choose to send the new password in an email message to the user. This new feature is useful when you choose not to send a welcome email message to draft users who are provisioned when you provision the tenant.


The following issues are resolved in this update:

  • Cannot create a Support Ticket from the Dynamics NAV Management Portal.
    When you choose the Support Ticket action, you receive the error message: "There was an error retrieving data. Please try again".

  • Cannot scale an application service after scaling has failed.
    If application service failed to scale for any reason, the Scale action remains disabled, which prevents you from trying to scale the service again.

  • Misleading error message returned with the Extensions action.
    When you choose the Extensions action on an application service or tenant that does not include any extensions in the database, you receive the error message: "Could not update Extensions installation information".

  • The SSL Certificate Password is not transferred when copying an application service.
    When you copy an application service that has an SSL certificate, the provisioning of the new application service fails because the SSL certificate password is not copied.

  • When a tenant fails to provision, it cannot be deprovisioned if the database information is not available.

  • Help Server does not work on the ClickOnce deployment
    The application online help does not work for ClickOnce installations for users. It only works for the person who uploaded the help files.

  • Cannot install a NAV extension on a tenant if the extension is published in multiple versions.

Known Issues

This update includes the following know issues:

  • If you previously removed the ClickOnce URL from the welcome email message, it will still be missing after installing the update. For more information about this issue, see Knowledge Base article 3135572.

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