Notify the entire class and post announcements in Microsoft Teams

There are two ways to post announcements you’d like your whole class to see in Microsoft Teams—you can use an @mention in a channel’s Conversation tab or post important documents using the Files tab. You can also mark a message as important to make sure it’s not missed.

Notify the whole class in a channel

  • Use the @ symbol (as in @team) or the team’s name in a message to send a notification to the whole class and prompt them to view your message. For example: @team or @Biology 101.

  • Using @General will also notify your whole class in the General channel.

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Tip: Select the A icon to expand the compose box and see more text formatting options.

Post an announcement

Create a customized and attention-getting announcement post with a background illustration.

  1. Select Format  Format to expand the Compose box.

  2. Choose Announcement as your post type.

    Choose Announcement.

  3. Choose an illustration or Upload an image to decorate your post. You can choose from General, Class, or Activities themes.

    Choose an image for your announcement.

Notify the class of a new assignment

When you finish creating a new assignment, your students will automatically receive a notification in their activity bell. A new post will also appear in the Conversation tab of your General channel. This post will display an assignment card with a due date and a link to assignment details.

Check if you have @team mentions enabled in your class team

  1. Select More options More options button on your team's tile.

  2. Select Manage team.

    Edit menu and settings for a team.

  3. Select Settings, then select @mentions.

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Pin important documents as tabs

Pin class rules, syllabi, schedules, or other important announcements as tabs at the top of a class channel to be accessed at any time.

  1. Select a channel in your team.

  2. Select the Cross icon at top of the screen icon at the top of the screen.

  3. Choose the kind of file you'd like to add and select a document to upload.

    Adding OneNote as a tab inside a team.

  4. Name your tab, then select Save. Selecting the Post to the channel about this tab icon will notify students that the new tab's been added.

Mark a message as important

If you want to make sure the class pays attention to your post in a channel or chat, the best thing to do is mark it as important.

To do that, enter the expanded compose box by selecting the A  and then select the Important ! icon. That will add a red exclamation point next to your message and the word IMPORTANT.

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