Finding a doctor that meets your needs can be a difficult task. It's important to look at a provider's experience treating specific conditions and performing procedures that are relevant to you.

On Bing, physician profiles include experience levels that provide insight into the conditions, procedures, and treatments with which a doctor has the most experience. These experience levels also offer a way to objectively compare providers and take advantage of their practical knowledge to best address your needs. Research has shown that physicians who perform a procedure or treat a condition more frequently tend to have better outcomes. So with the help of physician profiles, you're not just finding a good doctor—you're finding the right doctor for you.

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Understanding experience levels

Experience levels are based on the volume of procedures performed and conditions treated, relative to other providers in the same hospital referral region (HRR) or healthcare market. In cases of low volumes or rare procedures or conditions, we have expanded the comparison group to the state or national level.

Experience levels are broken down as follows: very high, high, normal, and low. By default, we show the seven procedures or conditions for which the provider has the highest volume, based on insurance claims data. In cases where our claims data is too low to derive statistical significance, we indicate 'may perform' and encourage contacting the provider with questions about their experience.

Data source

A third-party-company, CareJourney, provides the data for experience levels. CareJourney uses anonymized public data from billing claims filed on behalf of a provider to government or private health insurance companies. The information is based on claims filed from 2016 to the present, as available.


Experience levels displayed are based on the data provided by CareJourney solely for informational purposes and not to endorse or disparage any individual. Microsoft makes no warranties, express, implied, or statutory, by posting such information.

The physician profiles are only one factor to consider when choosing the right doctor for you. Microsoft is not responsible for and makes no claims about the accuracy of the data displayed in the physician profiles including the physician’s license status or affiliation with any health care entities.

Note: Data may vary from local information recommended by regulatory authorities in your market.

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