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Service Update 5 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 8.2.1 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service Update 5.


Update package

Build number

Service Update 5 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 8.2.1

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics 365 version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

Service Update 5 resolves the following issue:

Performance Improvements

The following list details issues whose resolutions improve the speed or functionality of Dynamics.

  • Solution uninstall and upgrade is blocked after upgrading to 8.2.

  • Unable to open security roles in IE11 and Edge browsers.

  • The Next Stage button of a BPF is overlapping the collapse BPF arrow, and the Next Stage arrow is missing when the Stage label is truncated.

  • Storage warning calculations overflow for large values, causing incorrect results.

  • Sub grid column headers are misaligned.

  • Saving a record after setting a lookup field shows loading dots forever in the mobile client.

  • Power BI tiles on Personal Dashboard spin forever on Windows 10 devices.

  • A memory leak occurs when Bing maps is enabled.

Unexpected Behavior

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions performed in Dynamics that do not work as intended.

  • Unchecking entities for Document Management is stopping and restarting auditing on an entity level.

  • More than one Configuration Folder is allowed by Server Side Sync to exist in Exchange.

  • Email is getting synced in CRM using unapproved user settings.

  • "Your changes have not been saved" message appears when clicking Send to reply to an email.

  • Text input within < > tags in notes section has extra characters added to it automatically.

  • Remaining Terms are increased after reopening an Incident record.

  • Forwarding or replying to an email within CRM sets the Received Date as Date Only.

  • HTML code appears when a format is applied to dynamic values in an email body.

  • Organizer field values disappear when an appointment is created from a sub-grid.

  • Edge browser fails and redirects when filtering a view with a custom filter.

  • Whenever a Quote is revised, all fields on the Closed state record are updated.

  • API calls that contain a GUID in the alternate key field will try to resolve as a record ID instead of the alternate key.

  • The cursor goes to the beginning of a lookup field instead of to the value being removed when trying to clear a lookup field.

  • Contacts are getting created automatically using folder-level tracking when the option to Automatically Create Contacts is off.

  • A SharePoint folder is converted to a OneNote notebook when clicking the OneNote tab from CRM.

  • Input fields on a search page delete letters when typed too fast.

  • When Prepare Client Customizations fails, it results in an empty log file.

  • Lookup fields blank out if a user clicks on any keys on the keyboard after focus is set on the lookup field.

  • The "Remove Value" button is disabled in Web Resource Lookup record dialogs.

  • The Site Map Designer is not opening.

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.

  • Sales Analytics content pack import fails with an 'Invalid XML' error.

  • Add an OrgDbOrgSetting to force AsIfPublished to be false for RetrieveAllEntities.

  • Orphaned localized labels are blocking solution import, upgrade, and uninstall.

  • Pressing the phone icon on a Contact Card does not initiate a call in the mobile client.

  • Emails that have OneDrive attachments fail to track.

  • Unable to view Knowledge Article Views in the Web Client.

  • Duration In Days is not calculated correctly in Contracts.

  • Custom lookup values are not retained on response emails.

  • Merging cases does not function as expected.

  • Publish All fails with orphaned CustomControlDefaultConfig records.

  • Web Resource height is not set properly.

  • The line break behavior between IE11 and Firefox is different when creating Email Templates.

  • RetrieveMultiple does not work on the Customer Service Calendar with varying day schedules.

  • Opportunityrtunity Product form fields are not being set to read-only after setting them to read-only in the UI.

  • The Scroll Bar on read-only fields is not visible.

  • The Command Bar is missing in Multi Entity Search in the pop-out context.

  • Unable to add Write In Products from the Product Associated View.

  • OnSave events do not trigger on 'Close as Lost' or 'Close as Won' for Opportunity records.

  • The Entity name label for a secondary language is not changed when importing a patch solution.

  • Goal Participating Records don't show records with the same filter as rollup fields.

  • Unlicensed Global Admins can only provision an instance with Sales and Customer Service roles.

  • When setting the Currency using jScript, the symbols for money fields are not being updated.

  • Control bar options disappear in Android devices.

  • Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut saves the form but does not open a new form.

  • Assign button is not visible on the case form using Legacy Form Rendering.

  • The view selector doesn't retrieve expected records after a quick find search for Knowledge Articles in ISH.

  • Auto save is not always triggered for description field updates.

  • Quick View forms are not working for Appointments.

Error Messages, Exceptions, and Failures 

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions, or system or component failures.

  • BPF-related errors occur when converting a Quote to an Order.

  • An error message occurs when enabling a Field Security Profile for the Priority Code field of Appointment entity.

  • An error occurs when trying to add addresses using the Safari browser on an iPad.

  • An error occurs when adding users or contacts to a team.

  • A script error occurs in FireFox after closing a record.

  • An error occurs when deleting a Sales Team member on an Opportunity record.

  • An unexpected error occurs when revising an active quote.

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