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Sharing a Clipchamp video or project

This article shows you how to

Sharing a completed video for others to watch

After exporting a video in Clipchamp when you're done editing, there are a number of options to save or share the resulting MP4 video file. The options that are available to you depend on the version of Clipchamp you're using.

In Clipchamp for personal accounts, you can share exported videos online, upload them to your online storage, or embed them using the buttons provided. Current options include:

Direct upload to the following integrations

  • Save to OneDrive

  • Save to Google Drive

  • Save to Dropbox

  • Upload to YouTube

  • Send to TikTok

  • Share to LinkedIn (only works for company accounts NOT personal accounts)

Save the video to your computer 

An image of Clipchamp export page with video file saved to computer

Create a shareable page hosted by Clipchamp and obtain an embed link

An image of sharing a video link from Clipchamp

Click on the More sharing options button to see a link to the video's shareable page and to obtain the video's embed link.

Your share video options will look like the example below. For more information on exporting, please see this article.

An image of Clipchamp share video link options

How to access an old link or stop sharing a video

If you lose the link or forget to copy it and navigate away, you can always access it again via the Clipchamp home page. Select the dots in the right-hand corner of the video in question and select Share video in the dropdown.

An image of the Clipchamp home page three dots function

This will show you the link and embed text for the latest exported version of the video. Selecting Make private will take the shareable page offline.

An image of Clipchamp video sharing links

Where is the video hosted? 

Videos in Clipchamp's personal version you create a share page for are hosted on Clipchamp servers (for historic reasons from before Clipchamp was acquired by Microsoft, currently through Google and Cloudflare infrastructure).

In Clipchamp for work accounts, by default an exported video will get automatically uploaded to the project's Exports folder in your work OneDrive/SharePoint.

After selecting the Export button in the editor user interface, you'll see the following screen. 

You can change the location that the finished MP4 file is getting saved to in OneDrive, give your video a different name and select an export resolution.

Select a resolution and storage location for your video

When you're done, select Export to start the exporting process.

On the screen that appears when the exporting operation is completed, the following options are available.

  • Publish with Microsoft Stream

  • Copy link

  • Share with people in your organization

  • Open file location

  • Save to your computer

After exporting is finished, save the video or share it with colleagues

Publish with Microsoft Stream

Selecting this option will open the video's Stream page in a new browser tab where you can customize the playback experience before sharing.

Copy link

Selecting this option will create a shareable link of the video's Stream page and copy it to the clipboard for easy copy/pasting in other apps such as Teams or Outlook.

You can adjust the sharing settings in the modal that appears by selecting Settings.

Create a shareable link from an exported video and select the sharing settings

You can also adjust the settings of the link and create additional sharing links later in the video file's sharing settings in OneDrive

Share with people in your organization

Selecting this option will open a modal where you can add recipients in your organization, include a message and send them a link to your completed video's Stream page.

Send a link to a completed video so that people in your organization can watch it

You can adjust the sharing settings via the gear icon before sending the message and also edit sharing options later in the video file's sharing settings in OneDrive.

Open file location

Selecting this option will open the OneDrive folder where the exported video file resides.

Go to the video file's OneDrive folder to interact with it there like you would with other files in OneDrive

Save to your computer

Selecting this option lets you download a copy of the MP4 file to your computer. Depending on your browser's download settings, you can either select a folder where the file should get saved or it will be placed in your default Downloads folder.

Optional - turning off Save in the cloud

On the screen that appears after selecting the Export button in the editor user interface, you can also decide to turn off the default option of Save in the cloud. Doing so and starting the exporting process will let you save a copy of the resulting MP4 video file to your computer.

It will not provide any of the sharing options mentioned above. Your video file will also not get automatically uploaded to the Exports folder of the editing project in OneDrive/SharePoint.

Save a processed video file to your computer after exporting is finished

Sharing a Clipchamp project to work on it with others

When you're editing a video in Clipchamp, the options that are available to you to share the ongoing project with others to collaborate depend on the version of Clipchamp you're using.

In Clipchamp's personal version, you can open an editing project on a different computer when you log into the same Clipchamp account that you created the project with, but at this stage it's not possible in the personal version to share a project with another user and make edits together.

In Clipchamp's work version you can share an editing project with others in your organization and can thus work on it together.

You can give your colleagues "edit" or "view-only" permissions for the project, similar to how this is possible for other Microsoft 365 files like Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

To share a Clipchamp video this way, select the Share dropdown next to the Export button in the editor user interface. 

Then, select from the available options:

  • Share

  • Copy link

  • Manage access

A dropdown menu with available sharing options in Clipchamp for work accounts

Share will open a window where you can add recipients and email them a link to the project.

You can choose to provide Edit or View permissions.

Note that available options here may vary depending on the sharing settings that your Microsoft 365 administrator enabled for OneDrive/SharePoint in your organization. Clipchamp inherits these settings.

Send an email notification to colleagues to share the Clipchamp project

Copy link will create a shareable link and copy it to your clipboard.

You can adjust the link settings by selecting Settings.

Note that it's possible to create multiple sharing links with different permissions assigned to them, for instance if you'd like someone to help you edit and someone else to only view and provide feedback.

Create a shareable link from an exported video and select the sharing settings

Manage access lets you see and adjust access settings for the project folder.

See and adjust access settings for your editing project

Note: People you invite to your Clipchamp video who open a link that you send them will be taken to the editing project's folder in your OneDrive/SharePoint. There, they can select the .clipchamp file to open the project in Clipchamp.

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