The Dynamics NAV Management Portal has been updated to enable you to upload licenses directly on tenants.


Previously in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Management Portal, tenants always used the license that was set up on the application service, which you specified through the application that was running on the service. You could not specify different licenses for specific tenants. After you install this update, you can now set up licenses on a tenant basis. From the tenant page, you can upload a license file and import it to the tenant database. If you do not upload a license on the tenant, then the license on the application service is used.

How to upload a license

To specify which license to use on a tenant, open the tenant page, and then use the Tenant License Status field to upload the license file. The following table describes the different values of the Tenant License Status field.

Tenant License Status


Not Uploaded

The tenant does not have a license. Choose the link to upload a license file. When you select the license file, if the Tenant Status is Active, then the license import process starts.


A license file has been uploaded, but not imported on the tenant. When you provision or start the tenant, the license is imported to the tenant database.

Importing License

A license file is being imported to the tenant database. Users cannot connect during this phase.

Importing License Failed

An error occurred and the license file was not imported to the tenant database. Make sure the license file is valid and try again. If the issue continues, contact a Support Engineer. The previous license is used, and users regain connectivity.


The license file has been imported to the tenant database and is active.

Note You can upload a different license at any time. However, you should be aware that if the Tenant Status is Active, then users will be temporarily disconnected until the license is imported.

How to get information about a tenant license

If you want to view some details about a tenant's license, open the tenant page, and then choose the Download License Information. The license information is stored in a .txt file that you save to your computer or network.

Copying and moving a tenant

When you copy a tenant, the new tenant does not include the license from the original tenant. When you move a tenant, the tenant keeps the same license.

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