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August 2023

Share link previews in Teams

Now you can share goals in MS Teams via a link that unfurls, showing important information about your goals. From the preview, you can view details and update without leaving Teams. TO learn more, see: Link Previews in Microsoft Teams

Deactivate and delete organizations in Viva Goals 

IT admins or Viva Goals admins can deactivate organizations or delete them if required from the Viva Goals Admin portal. They can also configure to automatically deactivate inactive organizations. 

Personalized activity feed 

Users, especially non OKR owners will land on their activity feed page that is prioritized with updates from leaders, people they work with regularly and OKRs that are relevant to help them stay informed on the status, progress, comments/reactions from people of the goals they care about. Users can comment/react to the post in the activity feed. 

Increased Viva Goals Text Customization 

Support for a wide range of text formatting options with additional capabilities to add tables and hyperlinks to OKR descriptions, check-ins and other updates. 

Time zone related improvements 

When a user makes a check-in, there is no time associated with date anymore and the date is now based on the UTC time zone and not the users local time zone. The activity feed will continue to have the activity date and time as to when the check-in was performed and will be sorted based on the activity date. 

Request license for self-service trials 

Users can now request paid licenses in-product at any time both during their 60-day trial period and after their trial expires. 

Project Data integration 

Viva Goals now integrates with Microsoft Project for the Web to automatically update key results and initiatives, simplifying the goal tracking process. With this integration, users can connect to Project for the Web as a data source to automatically update progress for a key result, track progress for an initiative, and track progress for an initiative's KPI. To learn more, see: Microsoft Project for the Web Integration with Viva Goals | Microsoft Learn 

OKR level Permission Enhancement 

OKR owners can now set view, align, and edit permissions on OKRs and initiatives. This allows for greater control over who can view and edit them. With the ability to use AAD groups and Viva Goals teams to grant permissions, managing access has never been easier! To learn more, see:  

Enhanced controls for OKRs & initiatives status 

With the newly introduced ability to manually update status and progress, users can now change status independently of progress, offering greater control and flexibility. To learn more, see:  

Viva Goals Usage Report 

Usage report about active users and platform distribution of 7/30/90/180 days for Viva Goals is now available in Microsoft 365 Admin Center. 

Integration Error Explorer 

Improved integration errors discoverability and notification experience to make life easier for the organization admins. 

Notifications in Teams activity feed in Viva Goals 

Users who have the Viva Goals Microsoft Teams app installed will now see notifications in Microsoft Teams for check-in reminders, comments, reactions, and nudges. To learn more, see: Get notifications in Microsoft Teams about activity in Viva Goals | Microsoft Learn 

IT Admin Experience on MAC (M365 Admin Center) 

To provide consistency and clarity navigating the admin experience across the Viva suite on MAC, Global or Viva Goals admins will have a Viva Goals Landing on MAC which will have access points for technical settings and administration, along with links to the resources required for IT admins for completing deployment and administering the tenant. To learn more, see: Viva Goals Setup and Administration Deployment Guide | Microsoft Learn 

People Profile Cards in Viva Goals 

Users can now hover over icons of different users within Viva Goals to display their People Profile Card. 

Viva Goals extension in Azure DevOps 

The Viva Goals extension in ADO enables users to view alignment details within ADO Work Items. When a work item is connected to a project in Viva Goals, they can view end alignment in the Goals tab. Users can also perform check-ins, create projects, and more without leaving ADO. To learn more, see: Azure DevOps Extension | Microsoft Learn 

Enhanced Viva Goals Azure DevOps data integration 

This enhanced version of the Viva Goals ADO data integration enables users to directly link work items to projects and Key Results and eliminates the dependency on shared queries. To learn more, see: Azure DevOps integration | Microsoft Learn 

Self Service Trials for Viva Goals 

With the self-service trials, any M365 end user can now sign up for a 60-day trial without needing IT admins to assign licenses. To learn more, see: Start a trial overview | Microsoft Learn 

Viva Goals availability in all M365 tier-1 locales 

Viva Goals now supports all 40 M365 tier 1 languages. To see a list of supported languages and locales, see: Viva Goals regional support | Microsoft Learn

Jira On-Prem support for integration with Viva Goals 

Support for Jira Server and Jira Data Center that allows users to automatically track the progress for objectives and key results (OKRs) along with the work driving those OKRs in Viva Goals. To learn more, see: Jira Server and Data Center Integration for Viva Goals | Microsoft Learn 

Zapier Integration 

The Viva Goals integration with Zapier allows users to automate their key results with progress from over 5000+ apps in the Zapier marketplace. To learn more, see: Zapier Integration | Microsoft Learn 

Enhanced Viva Goals Analytics Feature 

OKR program Analytics report for all teams, with enhanced help content, additional metrics and filters to enable slicing the analytics report by a variety of parameters and take informed decisions. To learn more, see: OKR Program Analytics | Microsoft Learn 

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